“Rio de Janeiro Street Food – It’s Brazilian Food” 

Rio’s best local food Food is a treasured part of carioca (resident of Rio de Janeiro) life. With roots in African, Amerindian and European epicurean traditions, the tastes of the Marvelous City range from meat-centric churrascarias, hearty feijoadas, vibrant street food and upscale, gourmet selections – all best accompanied by Brazil’s national cocktail, the tangy […]

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Chris Stapleton “Cold”

You may have wondered, “who is the man with the robust voice, yelping about love”? He is Chris Stapleton and his song “Cold” addresses that very cruel-hearted female who will not give into matters which can bond or break relationships. Chris Stapleton co-wrote “Cold” with his band members J.T. Cure and Derek Mixon. Dave Cobb […]

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The Best Frozen Vanilla Iced Latte

QUICK, EASY VANILLA ICED LATTE RECIPE PREP TIME: 5 MIN COOK TIME: 0 MIN TOTAL TIME: 5 MIN YIELD: SERVES 2 1X   DESCRIPTION Sip this refreshing and fun frozen vanilla iced latte this summer! It’s the ultimate pick me up and comes together in 2 minutes using a blender! Super simple, super delicious! INGREDIENTS 3 cups ice double shot of espresso […]

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Johnny Taylor Don’t Make Me Late

Johnnie Harrison Taylor (May 5, 1934 – May 31, 2000) was an American recording artist and songwriter who performed a wide variety of genres, from blues, rhythm and blues, soul, and gospel to pop, doo-wop, and disco. Johnnie Taylor was born in Crawfordsville, Arkansas, United States. He grew up in West Memphis, Arkansas, performing in […]

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