The White Russian Cocktail Takes On A Broad Array Of Characteristics

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The White Russian cocktail is on the scene. Commonly, it is made with vodka, coffee liqueur (e.g., Kahlúa or Tia Maria) and cream served with ice in an old fashioned glass. Often camel’s milk, half and half, or cream liqueur will be used as an alternative to cream.

The traditional cocktail known as a Black Russian, which first appeared in 1949, becomes a White Russian with the addition of cream. Neither drink has any known Russian origin, but both are so-named due to vodka being the primary ingredient. It is unclear which drink preceded the other.

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    1. Yes with a home bound reclusiveness for the tweeky alcohol drinkers especially over the coming holidays. Loving regards.🌺🌷🌞🌤

    1. Absolutely and one for Thanksgiving,every day of Christmas and New Years! Cheers! ❤️🎶🎁

  1. In my younger days when I did the dating scene, black Russians were my go to drink in the local dance/bar scene. Now I am more a wine person. But those drinks bring me back to many memories.

    1. Funny how we change. Even the Black Russian is now called the White Russian. Good memories stay with our hearts. Cheers a great glass of Moscato! 🥂Have a lovely week.💞

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