“You’ve Got A Friend” Carole King Sax cover by Krzysztof Sandecki

SANDECKI is a musician, saxophonist with extensive professional experience. His professional career began in 2004 doing solo performances in the best clubs in Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, Egypt, Greece and Morocco among others: Must (Marrakech), New Garamond, Heineken, Orange (Madrid), Space (Warsaw), Unique (Sopot), Mockba (Toruń), Base Club (Krakow) etc.) next to dj’s like: Rocky Rock (Black Eyed Peace), Bee (BeeLive RadioLocaFm), Kiko Navarro (Pacha Rec .), Red Supa, Yas Cepeda, Puffy, Lone, Chris Jaxx, Adamus, Dervish etc.

In September 2009, just after finishing his studies he moved to Spain where he began collaborating with artists like: Rosario Flores, Jimmy Barnatan, Dj Bee, Kike Mora Quartet and much more.

His dynamic, electrifying and sensual style of playing the saxophone blends seamlessly with House songs and makes well-known songs present with new expression.

Enjoy Sandecki’s sax cover of Carole King’s, “You’ve Got A Friend”