Sam Cooke “Twistin’ The Night Away”

Twistin’ the Night Away” is a song written and recorded by Sam Cooke. It was released as a single in 1962 and became very popular, charting in the top ten of both the Billboard Hot 100 (#9) and Billboard’s R&B chart (#1). ‘Twistin’ the Night Away” was successful overseas as well, peaking at #6 on the UK Singles Chart.

The song was recorded with The Wrecking Crew as session musicians, including Rene Hallas band leader, Red Callender on bass, Earl Palmer on drums, Tommy Tedesco and Clifton White on guitars, Ed Beal on piano, John Kelson, John Ewing and Jewell Grant on saxophone and Stuart Williamson on trumpet. wiki

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    1. Thanks Carrie! Twistin’ has a timeless party flare for any dance. Thanks for dropping by and commenting. 💞🍂💞🎼

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