An Apple Pie So Delicious… it Disappears!

Image: samisarkis.photoshelter

No apple pie can be as perfect as Chef Nabil’s. Ask yourself if you want you still prefer to add layers of butter or ice cream to your portion of this pie… Enjoy!

8 thoughts on “An Apple Pie So Delicious… it Disappears!

    1. Thanks Luisa for your visit. What a pretty Apple pie we have here. It looks good and tastes good, too. Butter is my favorite topping. HOT! If you look away too long, it may be gone.☹️🍴

    1. Yep, apples baked in crust are traditionally ingenious and so many new concepts keep emerging. Good coffee companions well with the pie. Have a good weekend Steve! 🍮🍮🥧🥧🍮🍮

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