Trish Toledo “Darling Baby”

Born in Carson CA to an a Ecuadorian father and a Guatemalan mother, Trish Toledo is a singer-songwriter who found her interest in music and began singing at the age of 6. Being the youngest in a family with 3 siblings, she was introduced to music genres that had been around long before her time.

Her style can be described as soul / 60s, early 70s era music. She has been likened to folks that listen to artists such as Aretha Franklin, Barbara Mason, Brenton Wood and of course the Elgin’s. Inspired by her idols & their success in music, Trish practiced and developed her musical skills through her childhood and got her first studio experience at the age of 18. She has continued to record and release material, currently working on her 4th release.

Her live performances have grown into selling out venues, and her loyal fanbase continues to grow.

Currently, she has teamed up with all star group “ The Confidentials “ to back her up at select events. They have honed their skills and come together as a tight unit, taking Toledo’s music to even greater heights.

As Toledo prepare’s to return to the studio in 2019, we can anticipate that the new album , containing originals, will be the most dynamic, heartfelt and soulful offering yet. In the years to come we can only expect more growth, more innovation, and of course, more soul.

5 thoughts on “Trish Toledo “Darling Baby”

  1. She is awesome and takes me back to that sixty and seventy sound. I love her vibes. Great voice my friend. Thanks so much for sharing. By the way the fairies are busy today sending fresh roasted coffee to all my friends out on the blogosphere. Just play some more great music and they will find you. Love ❤️ Joni 💕❤️☕️☕️☕️

    1. Trust is a fresh take but I like the original song. So glad that you enjoyed! Thank you for your quaint coffee wakings. Cheers dear Joni for an awesome new week! 💗

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