East Side Story Oldies Mix

9 thoughts on “East Side Story Oldies Mix

      1. Thanks so much. I am okay, still suffering with an injured shoulder, but otherwise fine. I hope you are staying healthy and safe.

      2. Yeah, don’t know how – it happened months ago. Doc thinks it’s likely a torn tendon and/or ligaments. Wouldn’t wish it on anybody, it’s very painful.

      3. It is. I am hoping I will not need surgery – that would be more than challenging. Thanks for your concern.

      4. Again, I am sorry to learn of your pain. I personally, do not like surgery. Please make the wisest of choice. Healing Hugs and Blessings to you Sweet Carol!🙏💕🍂🍮🍮🔔💓

      5. You are so very kind and your words are so appreciated. Thank you. May you receive many, many blessings as well.

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