Laura Nyro “Coffee Morning”

FLOWER DELIVERY ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT Smile is the sixth album by New York singer, songwriter and pianist Laura Nyro. Coffee Morning is the eleventh track on the album, and the song is noted as a demo on the album. ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT The album was released in early 1976, following a four-year hiatus from the music industry […]

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Please Don’t..

Sharing this. Don’t judge people. Be kind have kind and love in your heart. Maybe they have a rough life. Never know. You just never know! It’s okay.… Please Don’t..

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Trish Toledo “Darling Baby”

Born in Carson CA to an a Ecuadorian father and a Guatemalan mother, Trish Toledo is a singer-songwriter who found her interest in music and began singing at the age of 6. Being the youngest in a family with 3 siblings, she was introduced to music genres that had been around long before her time. […]

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