Funky Jazz | Saxophone & Harmonica Blues

4 thoughts on “Funky Jazz | Saxophone & Harmonica Blues

  1. Oh, I’ve been taking my piano lessons for 2 years now and the most important thing about it is jazz. The ability to play jazz is so magnificent that I don’t even care how much time it takes and how much effort it’s still going to take to brush up my skills!

    1. Marta you have a very good attitude and I know that you will master the art. A fun thing about jazz is that is so freestyle, allowing artists a lot of creative space. Best regards and enjoy your coffee today!💓🍮🍮🍂🍮🍮

      1. Yes, exactly! One has to master the classics first to be able to freestyle and “break those rules” playing jazz.

      2. Absolutely! In New Orleans there are a lot of musicians who learned how to play by ear. I believe that was the beginning of jazz-blues jam session..

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