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Before hitting the stage at Wake Up

Call: A W Hotels Music Festival, the ever stylish, extra charming, Grammy nominated singer Mayer Hawthorne decided to indulge in one of the perks of always being on the road: a mid-afternoon breakfast in bed at W Scottsdale. Clad in shiny pajamas and his signature specs, we had some pillow talk with the Detroit-based artist known for soulful hits like “Best Boxed or Special Limited Edition Package” (for which got a Grammy nom) and his new EP, Party of One.

We get intimate over pancakes, talking about the tour lifestyle, his favorite albums and snuggling with his one true love (the Gibson of course).

What is the first thing you do in the morning when you wake up?

Mayer Hawthorne: My vocal exercises, warming up my voice. Stuff like scales, doing my routine…(singing) la le le la la le le le la la.

What was the first album you ever owned? How did you get it?

MH: I believe it was The Police’s “Synchronicity.” It was like the situation where I would borrow my dad’s copy and I just ran it into the ground. I think I finally–it was on cassette tape–I think I finally popped his cassette tape and he made me go buy another one. I think that was the first record I ever bought with my own money.

What was your favorite song on it?

MH: King of Pain. The King of Pain is the shit. Those guys were pretty great. That whole album, “Wrapped Around Your Finger” – it’s great. The Police are so great.

What’s your favorite thing to order from room service?

MH: Anything but eggs. I love eggs for breakfast but even the greatest room service…it’ll be a long time to get the food to your room, so you gotta order something that is good half an hour after. Pancakes are great because you can eat pancakes an hour later and they’re still good. You can nibble on those all morning long and they’re fine.

If you could put together a lineup of any musician for your dream concert who would you choose?

MH: Prince, Prince, Prince.

Who is your style icon?

MH: Mick Jagger. And my grandma Rita who’s really cool. I get all my style from my grandma Rita, but we call her Ricky. She was the epitome of flashy but classy and that’s my style motto.

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