Hawaiian music is very calming. Ukuleles with other string and wind instruments are softeners to the soul. Percussions give way to the visualization of cones, fruits, smells of fragrant of Plumeria and other heavenly scents as the waters rise and fall against sea rocks in perfect timing with the rhythm and dances of the islands. Enjoy the journey and the mist delicious cup of coffee today!

Image by Emilian Robert Vicol


    1. LOL! Those toes are in a safe place. Virtual travel is the way to go during these COVID times. Especially when the uncertainty of a vaccination is inclusive in the travel process. I love the islands, and so glad that you do also. Cheers!

    2. Have you been vaccinated? Try and get the pfizer one. In the future, you only need one shot. Right now they are giving two pfizer shots. So far, friends have had no side effects from this vaccine. In Canada and the U.S. (all used Pfizer).

    3. I know, I’m skeptical too..unfortunately. People are bugging me to get it. I will book, not sure if I will show up. I don’t want to. I am being honest. Cheers! SSF :)

    1. We don’t know how blessed we are but when goodness drastically changes ie natural disasters, understanding happens. We are truly blessed with nature’s beauty and more.

    2. So true. This has been a year of difficulty, but also of a lot of soul searching and discovery, a time of being forced to really understand what matters in this face-paced world. One of the blessings of this time has been the realization of how quickly our beautiful planet can heal itself if the poisoning of the air haunts.

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