Michael Franti & Spearhead – The Sound Of Sunshineb


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The inspiration for the title ‘The Sound Of Sunshine’ came from when Franti was on tour in 2009 and ruptured his appendix. As, in March 2011, he told noted UK soul writer – and Assistant Editor of Blues & Soul – Pete Lewis: “Because the doctors weren’t sure what was wrong with me, seven days actually passed before they were able to diagnose it was my appendix – by which time I’d just completely fallen over and was DYING!

So, after they eventually did the surgery on me, while I did feel a huge amount of gratitude to be alive, at the same time every moment of the day I was CRYING! Like someone would walk in the room who I hadn’t seen for a while, and I’d just look at them and CRY!

And when they’d go ‘What are you crying about?’, I’d be like ‘I don’t KNOW! I’m just really glad to be here, to be alive and to SEE you!’… It was like I was seeing everything with new EYES.

Every day I’d go to the window to see if the sun was shining – and if it WAS, I’d have this feeling of OPTIMISM! Like ‘WOW! I’m gonna beat this infection and I’m gonna get BETTER!’… And so for this album I wanted to put that feeling into words and into MUSIC.” Wiki

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