“And I Love Her” the Beatles


And I Love Her” is a song recorded by English rock band the Beatles, written primarily by Paul McCartney and credited to the Lennon–McCartney partnership. It is the fifth track of their third UK album A Hard Day’s Night and was released 20 July 1964, along with “If I Fell”, as a single release by Capitol Records in the United States, reaching No. 12 on the Billboard Hot 100.

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37 thoughts on ““And I Love Her” the Beatles

    1. Well we had a little band when we were very young. I wrote my own songs. At around six I sang with Earl Scruggs and several other guys that eventually all were in the Country Hall of Fame. They were playing in some place in Fayetteville, I think, in a place that soldiers went. My mom just pushed me up on the stage. They could not have been nicer to me. They told me to just start singing and they would follow me and they did. It was on the radio. What a wild experience. Love, hugs and wild stories from when kids played kick the can for fun. Love y’all 💕❤️🤗☕️☕️☕️☕️Joni

    2. That is very sweet and kind, thank you that means a lot coming from you. Thank you, I think you are probably right. She certainly meant well she loved me and I look forward to seeing her in heaven. You are awfully kind to me. Sending lots of love and appreciation for all of AOC. You guys do a class act. 🤗💕❤️☕️☕️☕️🧚🏻🦋

    3. Thank you my friend. Yes you all do a great job and I am grateful for your team. The music, inspiration, great recipes, ideas and new things happening in our world keeps one smiling, not to mention the great coffee flying back and forth. Love ❤️ Joni ☕️☕️💕❤️🤗🧚🏻🧚‍♀️

    1. Hi Jennie! Thank you very much for stopping by for coffee and giving feedback! I love your taste in music. Happy blessed Sunday!☕️☕️☕️💗💗💗💗

  1. Great song. I was always more of a McCartney fan than Lennon. Guess I liked the “silly little love songs” more than the Utopian dreams Lennon started to crank out later.

    1. Hi DC! I love both their styles and your description of them both are right on target. One big difference for liking one over another are the memories that we have vested in each one of them. Happy Friday to you DC. Sending out more coffee, hugs and music. 💗💗💗💗 Relax and enjoy the week and month fade.

    1. Thanks Dorothy! Yes it is a lovely song. The Beatles lyrics and music have always been so ideally paired as a yarn. I hope you’ve had a peaceful and wholesome week! Many Blessings to you dear Dorothy.💗🌺💗

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