Skillet-Roasted Chicken and Potatoes — Cooking from Books

23 thoughts on “Skillet-Roasted Chicken and Potatoes — Cooking from Books

      1. And eating sensibly, comfort food is wonderful but we need to keep a balance as well. and during this pandemic, that’s not been easy!

      2. A must. Sugars and sodium are usually what we abuse. Moderation and eliminations are what we must do.

      3. I love natural sweeteners and lemon lime salt substitutes. No matter what, I always bring out the best flavors!

      4. We use honey (but I like sugar too) and Mrs. Dash, which now comes in a variety of flavors.

      5. Any natural sweetener works… fruits, wine, agave. I am not familiar with Mrs Dash but will be on watch.

      6. It’s mainly hers and spices and a very good alternative to salt – most do have potassioum though.

      7. Knowledge and use of spices really helps to make a meal taste great. The right spices are more friendly and healthier than salts and sugars. I will keep an eye opened for Mrs. Dash. That’s a flashy marketing name. 👌🍃🤔

      8. You’re right, I once used too much cumin in a soup I made. We couldn’t eat it but a friend loved it so I guess to each their own. LOL

      9. That is true Carol but we can always put into action mind over matter and substitute and eliminate. During this pandemic, I have taken up gardening and remodeling things that can be salvaged.

      10. )))SMILING((( Thank you for your kind words defeat Carol. We have to keep love alive and that’s where kindness and other good vibes live!🍃🌺☀️🎼🌺🍃

      11. I am so glad I made you smile :) Keep smiling and keep those positive vibes coming! The world needs more of that, especially right now. God bless you!

      12. I love your kindness Carol! Big loving hearts to you for an nice comfy weekend!💓💓💓💓🍂🍮🍮🍮🎼

      13. Truth to tell, I am not always kind. I wish I were. But I am trying to be. :) We are all mere humans traveling this earth but once.
        Thank you for your support and loving words. God bless. I hope you have a wonderful week!

      14. No we are not perfect yet. But we will get there! You are dearly welcome Carol! Thank you too! Have blessed week ahead! Hearts and hugs to you! 💓💞💓💕🌺🍮🍮

      15. Thanks so very much. Hope you enjoy your week. Lots of loving hugs back to you. :)

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