Dalgona Coffee Adds

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Dalgona Coffee with Avocado Smoothie | Vegan | Amallia Eka

One of the Best Coffee Treats there is: Rose Dalgona

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Dalgona coffee made by stirring 400 times.
It’s very fashionable, so I made it too.

I was wondering what texture would be made, and I was ready to pipe by continuing to stir.

The sweet rose I made like that…

I made a rose latte by floating it on the milk.

Piping of roses is possible with long petal tips that are narrow at the top and wider at the bottom.

I used the tip used in the video because I had it, but the tip that can be purchased in Korea was similar to No. 126.

Sweet and rich coffee milk…
This is a video of making a rose sweet or latte.


Coffee Powder 3Ts

Sugar 3Ts

Hot Water 3Ts

– Material

Coffee powder 3Ts

Sugar 3Ts

Hot water 3Ts

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