Chaka Khan “Miss Celie’s Blues”

The music and lyrics of Miss Celie’s Blues (aka: Sister) was a collaboration between Quincy Jones, Rod Temperton and Lionel Ritchie, for The Color Purple, a film-adapted novel by Alice Walker.

Miss Celie’s Blues performed by Chaka Khanis truly a unique interpretation of jazz. Her performance at the Montreux Jazz Festival (1996) with 10-year-old blues harmonica player, Brody Buster and emceed by Quincy Jones, is a performance so phenomenal that we take great pleasure in sharing with you… Enjoy!

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  1. Now we are talking – I loved her way back
    And still do, that woman can sing and Buster is amazingly talented. Thanks for this incredible wake up. I have some good memories around her singing and “The Color Purple” we have probably watched ten times. I cry every time but is a love story in many ways and addresses racism in such a powerful way. Love 🤗💕❤️😘🦋☕️☕️☕️Joni

    1. That is so true isn’t it and it is nice going down memory lane with you all. Sending lots of love and blessings to you and all your loved ones. Merry Christmas 🎄🎁☕️☕️🌲🎄

    1. Glad that you enjoyed! Back in 1995, the young boy was just 10 years old. His name is Brody Buster, a harmonica child prodigy. With Chaka Kahn, performance of Miss Celie’s Blues, young Brody’s talent became most notable.

    2. Former Kansas City Child-Star Harmonica Player Is Now More Than A Man — He’s A One-Man Band

      It’s been twenty years since Brody Buster’s first round of glory days — when he was a 10-year-old blues harmonica phenomenon, fronting his own band, appearing on “The Tonight Show” and at the Montreux Jazz Festival with Quincy Jones.

      Buster couldn’t have remained a child prodigy forever, of course. So his journey back into the national spotlight is both “surreal” (that’s his word) and an all-too ordinary coming-of-age story.

      Earlier this year, Buster went to the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, where he won second place in the solo/duo category and first place in harmonica. This Friday, he has a slot at the Montreal Jazz Festival, among the likes of Bob Dylan, Buddy Guy, Diana Krall, Charlie Musselwhite and more than a hundred other names. KCUR 89.3

    1. Thank you cf for giving your time to listen. So glad that you enjoyed and thank you for giving feedback. AOC has a segment of Miss Celie’s Blues and all of the singers did a fantastic job in their own unique style. Miss Celie’s Blues unsuspectingly became a popular tune. Happy Friday to you and have a wonderful weekend!

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