Brown Rice Coffee (Japanese Roast Style)

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Café de Kampoh

Brown Rice Coffee

Deeply ‘black’ roasting brown rice to produce Brown Rice Coffee. A healthy, caffeine-free beverage, gentle on the body.

Serving Suggestions

Enjoy a simple drip coffee, have it with or without milk or soy milk, or anyway you like.

Materials and Processing

Cafe de Kampoh, with a long history based in ‘wakanshou’, or Japanese-Chinese medicinal herbs, has developed a unique black roasting method.


Love on the Brain – Rihanna (sax cover Luis Graziatto)

Italian musician Luis Graziatto with his saxophone knows how to cover song with powerful emotion. He has proven his talent and are regarded as one of the best saxophone players from new generation, whether in pop covers, or other types of music. 

Saxophonist Luis Graziatto gained fame covering famous songs with his inventive saxophone improvisations and sharing them on his YouTube Channel.

Listen to Graziatto’s sax version of Bajan pop, r&b singer-songwriter, Rihanna.