Taste the Flavor of the Island: Jamaican Latte

Level: Easy
Serves: 1
System: Metric


During the week I drink office coffee, which as we all know can be slightly lacking. So over the weekend, I really like to spruce things up. This recreation of the latte that I had at Chicago’s “The Bourgeois Pig” cafe is so simple to make that it doesn’t really count as a recipe, but I never would have thought to use the allspice/honey combo, and I must pass on the love.


  • ⅔ cups
  • ⅓ cups
  • 2 teaspoons
  • ⅛ teaspoons
  • 1 Tablespoon


Make your espresso. Buy some of the good stuff! Yes, it’s more pricey, but for a treat over the weekend, it’s definitely worth it.

Heat and froth half-and-half; create as much foam as you can.
Combine espresso and half-and-half in a cup of your choice, and stir in the honey and allspice. Taste it and adjust to your desired sweetness level. Add the foam and sprinkle a little allspice on top. After drinking it plain, I tried adding 1 tablespoon of bourbon—it added a fun bite, but I like it best whiskey-less.

Now find a comfy chair and a good book, and relax!

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Jamaican Latte
Jamaican Latte


22 thoughts on “Taste the Flavor of the Island: Jamaican Latte

    1. Very possible. There are many great decade coffees and flavorings. There is no end to making your own style of coffee. One of my big morning inspirations, is having my kitchen filled with the smell of coffee. The aromatherapy of coffee comes in many forms and can stimulate one’s coffee or decafe state of mind! ☕️☕️

      1. I know that’s right. I’m bugging right now because my Keurig is on the blink and gotta get a new one. But when it comes to aromatherapy it’s not about a bath—it’s about COFFEE! Blessings and Peace

      2. LOL! Keurigs are great for coffee. I know what you are going through. It The makers are pretty expensive. Soon your coffee will return to your preference.. Coffee aroma is powerful aromatherapy, in many good ways! Have a pleasant day!

    1. Tasty indeed! Jamaica is a tea-drinking culture originating primarily from their UK ties. But the tropical islands are filled with nature’s sweetness anyhow. I am sure that tourism embraced the coffee possibilities into a stardom of delights! delights!💕☕️☕️

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