Beautiful flowers…huh? Would it be tacky to send these flowers to a girl that you don’t really know?

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Is it tacky to send flowers to a girl you don’t really know?
If you’ve never been formally introduced to someone, but you see each other around, is it ok to send flowers as a way to introduce yourself?

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I think if you see her around here and there that she has been bound to notice you and so I think sending flowers is a creative way to introduce yourself and get her attention its flirty but yet not to weird keep it cute and simple flowers like a daisy or carnation and when she has them and you see her with them be sure to go up and spark up conversation good luck!

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I think its a good way to get her attention, and show her you are interested in her. I think most girls enjoy getting flowers from a guy. I wouldn’t send any kind of roses, because that’s usually a very emotional thing, and you should get to know her better before you do that.


27 thoughts on “Beautiful flowers…huh? Would it be tacky to send these flowers to a girl that you don’t really know?

  1. Interesting question! I gave my mother a silk floral arrangement last year because she doesn’t like that flowers wilt so quickly. I only appreciate flowers from people that I know. For a stranger to do that for me, my silent alarm goes off. I’ve had customers given me carnations out of appreciation for the service I give them, but they make it clear there’s no ulterior romantic intention behind them.

    1. You are right Theresaly, giving flowers comes with a gesture implications. I love the idea of your mom liking textured flowers. Silk is a delicate match for love, kindness and appreciation! Happy Love week! )))❤️(((

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