Phonic Nomads “Orbit” (feat. Nicki Gonzalez)

Phonic Nomads is a band. The lead vocalist featured is Nicki Gonzalez.

Nicki profiles herself as:

…”truly versatile singer – not a “copycat”. My recording and performance career spans more than a decade and several genres – from Classical Chorale to Musical Theater, Pop, Rock, The American Jazz Songbook, Brazilian and Latin Jazz. I have recorded in English, Spanish & Portuguese. My complete immersion into these influences and the feel for their respective nuances are what I believe set me apart from other singers. This voice must match the soul of the melody and lyrics; and the quality of the production.

I read music if you have lead sheets for me. Otherwise, I’ve got “horn player ears”, so I harmonize easily. I have an affinity for stacking harmonies, creating background parts and counterpoint melodies. I have my own studio and can render you finished work in 48 hours in most cases.” sound

5 thoughts on “Phonic Nomads “Orbit” (feat. Nicki Gonzalez)

  1. Great sounds. Loved the video and her rhythm. Very talented group. Thanks for turning me on to the Phonic Nomads. Have a blessed day my kind friend. Sending you love. ❤️🌸🌸😘☕️☕️

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