“This Will Be” (Natalie Cole Cover) Hudson Horns Collective

Hudson Horns LLC is the event company you have been dreaming of. HH brings unparalleled talent, creativity and energy to the stage while creating an interactive experience for everyone on the dance floor.

Hudson Horns is not you typical event band. We create a partnership with every client to deliver a personal and unique musical experience. Inviting Hudson Horns to your event is the equivalent to being front row and center at your own private concert.

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Hudson Horns is comprised of professionally trained musicians from renowned programs such as The New School, University of Michigan, Harvard, The University of The Arts, and Manhattan School of Music.

Our players are the hottest new talent coming out of NYC and our diverse ensemble has collaborated with the music industries leading artists such as Rihanna, Solange, TLC, Shawn Mendes, Ricky Martin, Joe Jonas, Dave Chapelle, Diplo, Macklemore, The Legendary Johnny O’neal, Roy Hargrove, and The Skatelites.

Everyone at Hudson Horns is dedicated to their craft and passionate about bringing a sound that is not the background, but the main event, at any gathering.hudsonhorns.com

11 thoughts on ““This Will Be” (Natalie Cole Cover) Hudson Horns Collective

  1. They’re wonderful, and they did a fantastic job on this Natalie Cole classic.

    1. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. I agree. They are a very entertaining group! Glad that you enjoyed! 🍂☕️💕🍂☕️

    1. Hi there Joni! So long Monday… Happy Tuesday. I like their sound. It has a fresh flair of nostalgia for sure. Natalie will always carry the true voice and rhythm! I do hope your coffee went well with listening. Your feedback is sincerely appreciated! 🎼🌺🍃

      1. Good Tuesday to you as well. I loved watching them. Their sound was very entertaining and the woman was amazing. 💕❤️💖🤗☕️Love Joni

    1. Hi Jeanne! Yes the cover here sounds good but the song belongs to Natalie! It is so greatly appreciated for taking the time out to listen. 🍂💐☕️☕️

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