Seal “Kiss From A Rose”

“Kiss from a Rose” was written in 1987, several years prior to the release of Seal’s eponymous debut album from 1991. After writing the song, Seal felt “embarrassed by it” and “threw the tape in the corner.” Seal did not present it to producer Trevor Horn until the recording sessions for Seal II.

In 2015, Seal said of the song: “To be honest, I was never really that proud of it, though I like what Trevor did with the recording. He turned that tape from my corner into another 8 million record sales and my name became a household name.”

“Kiss from a Rose” was the second single taken from the Batman Forever film soundtrack, and topped the US Billboard Hot 100 for one week in August 1995. It also went to number four on the UK Singles Chart, where it had originally reached number 20 in 1994. It also was nominated for the MTV Movie Award for Best Song from a Movie in the 1996 edition.


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    2. Oh thank you my friend. How did you know I had a cup of great coffee and sweetened with nectar from hummingbirds!!! You are brilliant my friend, it is sublime and they danced and sang too. They are looking for a producer if you know one? I am sure you do, just a feeling.
      I have been in love with Seal’s voice since the first time I heard it. He is a such a beautiful man too. Great music. Your the best my friend. Have an amazing weekend and let me know if you find a producer for those hummingbirds. Love ya, stay safe. Love ❤️ Joni 🤗💕❤️☕️☕️☕️☕️

    3. Seal’s voice is golden and also magic for all kinds of dance routines. His voice carries into the sweetness of hearts and nature. What an uplifting stir that he harmoniously create on “Dancing with the Stars”! About the hummingbirds? I think there’s a good chance for getting a producer if the hummingbirds were to audition on “humming with the stars”. Fluttering speed gets them thru the door. I see the hummers outside my widow mid mornings while sipping my coffee. Cheers for your having a great day and weekend! 🍂🍮🍮🎼🎼🍮🍮🍂

    4. Yea!!!!! What a blessing. You are so right about Seal. As for the “humming with the stars” consider it done. You have an amazing day too my friend and extra coffee for making me so happy. ❤️💕☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️

  1. The raw look of reality on Seal”s face in this video adds to the powerful emotional impact of this song. He should be very proud of his effort here.

    1. Seal is classy, he has style and an amazing voice. What a nice promotional package he is. Definitely, he sees the rewards of his efforts in opportunities and fan responses. Thanks kindly for your feedback USFMAN! 👌☕️☕️

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    3. Movie theaters, concerts or political events or controversial events are not as they used to be. Nope! These are strange times. But how nice it is that we have the capacities to hold onto good memories thru books, music, movies and wonderful foods as yours. But one day the cyber balloon is going to burst and we will land back on earth. What a big reality that’s going to be.

    1. Hi there DC! You sure have a big music and dance background. I only ballroom danced on special occasions. But I did! I remember those great days. There were ballrooms at every urban locale. Then came the decline (the late 1970s/1980). One of the big comeback was Dancing With the Stars. Some how remember Seal dancing but facts prove that he was a singing talent only! Seal is awesome really! I enjoy his singing!❤️💕❤️

    2. Hello DC! Happy Saturday! You will never loose your dance skills and, never should you stop attending those stylish social functions… keep at it!

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