Andra Day “Strange Fruit” and Billie Holiday

Billie Holiday and Andra Day were recently discussed at AmericaOnCoffee, and defined as two eccentric female vocalists who sound intimately different, but whose styles are so similar. In essence, we actually view the two singers as one “Day” compared to another “Day”. Jazz or Blues, Billie and Andra’s voices both have that romantic, lounging, nightclub effect on a variety of audiences. We hope that you will enjoy this share while withdrawing into your breakaway, special time.

Andra Day covers the iconic song “Strange Fruit.” Originally performed by Billie Holiday in 1939…

Billie Holiday “Strange fruit”

8 thoughts on “Andra Day “Strange Fruit” and Billie Holiday

    1. Their styles are similar being unique bluesy jazzy vocalists with midnight after hour voices. Thank you for listening and replying. 🎼🍮🍮I hope both have added some sweeteners to your morning cup of coffee.

  1. I feel in love with Billy’s voice the first time I heard it in a college jazz class. Her song Strange Fruit is one of the most prolific and intense songs ever written. Thank you for always educating us my friend. Have an amazing weekend. Love y’all Joni

    1. Billie had most distinctive voice voice unlike any other female vocalist, that is until Andra came along with similarly distinctive voice with an add of a special, modern free-swinging creativity. Thanks for enjoying and giving feedback!❤️

    2. My pleasure thank you for the sounds. You are great my friend. Rocking it out during COVID. Stay safe and be blessed my friend. Love ya Joni 🤗💕❤️☕️☕️

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