The best of me is the worst in me… Who can smell toast?

8 thoughts on “The best of me is the worst in me… Who can smell toast?

  1. Thanks for sharing this – The best of me is the worst, now has another follower. Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. LOL! Hello Carol … it is a pleasure to share the humor here. Glad that you enjoyed and will become another follower of Maxpower! Cheers and blessings for your having a loving weekend.💗💐☕️☕️🎼

      1. Thanks so much, I hope you have a peaceful Sunday (since Saturday is pretty much done) and a lovely week ahead.

      2. It does seem like that. I think it has rocket fuel as the past decade or two seem to have flown by. :P

      3. I am so messed up with time that I am recognizing a century as a decade and we are flying through the 2000s fast! My old clothes still looking fashionable. My old boyfriend has just began to age and he is very fair but his green eyes are now yellow. Some people never change their phone numbers. Some people are still doing and speaking as they did yester years. So what I am saying is that there are so many habits and connects that give us illusions that time is standing still.🤔

      4. You make some very good points. Time can be both at the same time, I think – too fast and utterly at a standstill all at once. It feels like some weird vortex we have entered with this pandemic.

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