Silvia & Thomas Salzbauer “HOMELESS” (Recording Neumann M49)

Every human being should have shelter. Why not? Today we live in an advanced world where technology and communication extend into many open arms, an extreme of luxuries and abundance.

When listening to Silvia and Thomas Salzbauer’s music entitled “Homeless”, It won’t be hard for you to envision homeless people wandering all across the urban “O”zones. “O” meaning outcast. AmericaOnCoffee!

The Duo Salzbauer consists of the spouses Thomas and Silvia Salzbauer. Last but not least, both have a love of music. On their first joint album “Zeitfenster” they weave classic piano with jazzy saxophone improvisations in dreamlike beauty.

They adapt and interpret composers such as Einaudi, Bach, Satie and Piazolla with great taste. Thomas Salzbauer’s own composition blends seamlessly into the flow of sounds, which alternately appears to be tearingly threatening to the listener, then carries it calmly and fluently again.

Here music is played at the highest level and yet it’s all about the great feeling. There is pain in every joy, hope flashes in every grief. The production itself supports the emotional change of the duo by trusting the magic of the music and letting the artists act honestly and unadulterated.

The sound of the saxophone is wonderfully uncompressed. Here you can hear breath and flaps. The entire album was recorded live in the studio in one day. The experience can only be more direct at a concert. It’s like standing by and listening to great musicians communicating.


Nelson Baerga (1)

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Nelson Baerga (3)


LA Taco


Rousseau Joshua On Homelessness


LA Taco

Rousseau Joshua On Homelessness

The Tiny Homes Movement For Affordable Living ( image: public domain) – Thinking small to make big difference on homelessness


65 thoughts on “Silvia & Thomas Salzbauer “HOMELESS” (Recording Neumann M49)

  1. My son and I went to the US for the first time in 2019. My husband has long oriented me about what to expect in the streets of NY but it was different being actually there. My son was kind of shocked because he hasn’t seen that many people ever. While walking, he saw a guy holding a sign that said, “it’s my 31st bday & I’m on the streets, I have nothing to eat.” I know that the guy seemed healthy and very much capable of making a living & perhaps only on the streets for a political statement, but I was with my only son who’s born & raised in Saudi Arabia where we don’t walk around the streets, we go by car and our lives revolve around school, work, brethren, malls — he hasn’t seen life outside the comforts of our very limited surroundings.

    Having seen the guy, he got conflicted, he was only 6 & felt like he must do something. He stopped and gave him his cheeseburger. I kind of panicked because the guy had this Hare Krishna vibe, I was thinking that was pure beef burger, but he’s actually eaten the burger in front of us and thanked my son.

    He then asked me about why people are living on the streets and we had a long talk right after. We had shown him a more real scenario in LA. He was emotionally distraught for a while. Now I don’t know what to expect if he sees the slums of the Philippines. We have to pray harder and more persistently for this.

    1. Homelessness is a big problem and it coexist with greed. God keeps us in spite of evil happenings. Gifts like yours in feeding another goes far spiritually. Sadly, many citizens of the USA and the world are not aware of the undermining of politics and the elected leaders. Greed is the error. Have an awesome and blessed day Janis!

      1. Thank you. Like what I always tell everyone, being super rich is criminal. No one could have acquired too much wealth and justify that with fake altruism. This is why we have to pray not only for GREAT leaders but God fearing ones as well… blessed day to you too!

      2. We’re hoping and praying for all to wake up in love! Thank you Janis for you kind feedback, have a wonderful blessed week and a loving 💓month!

  2. I see the problem getting worse and worse here in Los Angeles. I find it hard to believe that as a city we can’t build whatever we need to build to accommodate these people so they don’t have to try and find shelter under overpasses and along the LA River.

    1. … right you are. But homelessness is everywhere and any traveler would agree. It seems as though the more advanced our world becomes in goods and tech, the more greed comes and more people fall.

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