Another Pandemic To Make Us All Sick, 5G Towers near homes and everywhere

12 thoughts on “Another Pandemic To Make Us All Sick, 5G Towers near homes and everywhere

  1. “Conspiracy theory” – a pejorative term created and circulated through the vehicle of popular culture to discredit anyone whom dares to question – oftentimes upon sound empirical basis – by CI and other alphabet- monikered intelligence agencies.

    1. The “pope” (merely an ambassador clothed in ecclesiastical garb) and the Jesuit order – the very same whom founded the US corporation – are not synonymous. As for being “crazy”, will you still hold to that perspective as you observe populations – what’s left of it, anyway – incrementally herded into “smart cities” per the UN’s Agenda 2030 and America2050? Certainly, I think not.

    2. We’re Christians who embrace humanity in hope of a massive conversion. 2030 and 2050 will not happen under this human system of mankind. Those wearing the garb betrayed their spiritual duty and the world.

    3. Will not happen? It’s already happening. The Covid-19 psychological operation is merely but one step (called behavioral modification) to their aforementioned goals. As for hope, that is a mindset which plays right into their hands. I would submit, while adhering to a religious doctrine which – centuries ago – they created, your energies would be better spent to discover how to utilize their own legal system – administered by the Crown Temple in the City of London and the Vatican bank – against them, to declare sovereignty from their global commercial system of corporate slavery.

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