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  1. I am the father the son and the holy spirit in the light of laughter as well she is a woman of your world which I have taken to show the love of the Almighty God the one and only.

    Peace love and light

    Be thirsty for love be 30 to look at her in the eyes be 30 to burn at her feet be Thursday to seek her always and always be to not lose sight of her we have a for us is Moses has done if we had a secret what would Elijah have done what Temple of Solomon what have done? (181) what would life be without guidance “this is a hard doctrine”(John 6,60)And they walked away… To think that gods feast may seem harsh to men. When you look at gods face to face a day another hour without getting tired, without feeling to look at him, like get through life and hold being become a transparency of God spend many hours…, Spend your whole life looking at him, spend your eyes to break them and when the world sees you, you will know of who is the God of Christians, The God of life, the God of love…, There is no better living synthesis and memorials of all aspects of friendship that is in the Eucharist… It’s the sacrament of friendship, communicate the friendship. Of God in your Shula friend, present and the next friends.

    The Eucharist is contagious contagious Of thirst for friendship. God says in the Eucharist. I want souls to search entirely for me. In those souls I turn over humanity all this is the mystery of the Eucharist waiting for someone to go pick up all the burden of “LOVE”

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