Norah Jones “Don’t Know Why”

61 thoughts on “Norah Jones “Don’t Know Why”

    1. Hello Johanna! Thank you so very much for visiting AOC! Nora is a Jewel. How nice it is to know that you enjoy her music! Thank you again for your appreciate feedback! For you, blessings and cheers for the holidays and, into the new year!🍮🎼🎼🌺🍂🍮

    1. Hi Kirt! I love Norah’s style also. I remember my co associates calling her snora jones because she sings with such an ease! Thank you Kirt for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Have a blessed week!💗☕️☕️

  1. I love me some Norah Jones, she is an awesome singer. Love her work. Thanks for the memory. Also sending you one of those great coffees in a chocolate waffle gone. How amazing would that be? Hugs Joni

    1. Thank you kindly Deb! Hope that you’re enjoying your Summer and the sun, while keeping healthy and safe! Have an awesome week ahead and thanks for stopping by!🌺🍂🍂☕️☕️☕️🍂🍂🌺

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