Surely every barista should be a role model for the business of serving coffee. Good coffee service goes along way at helping customers start their day or fuel up.

But there are instances when customers are viewed as a name on a cup, or simply money in passing. It is very rude for a Barista to contradict a customer’s order request for any given specification. A Barista’s job is to fill the order politely (and suggestively) even if the order sounds a little weird or off.

An AmericaOnCoffee (AOC) Comment

How the Starbucks Macchiato Ruined My Indie Coffee Shop

By Nicole A. Taylor

Lately my macchiato moment has been served with a side of microaggression – or so it seems. The first incident was at a Downtown, Brooklyn place with fiddle leaf fig trees thriving, leather club chairs, and cascara-based spritzers. The barista reminded me that a macchiato isn’t a grande drink and gestured to the petite nature of my beverage choice. I was confused. Nobody else was getting a teachable moment there — why was I? “We tell every guest this isn’t a Starbucks macchiato,” the barista told me.

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  1. I read the article and was sorry the author experienced what I would name rudeness. I do not frequent coffee shops of any stripe, but I particularly dislike what some have described as “hoity-toity” shops. The few times I have stepped inside the door of such establishments have not given me any desire to revisit them. I prefer to make my own at home and forego the well-meant explanations such as the author endured. I have worked with the public pretty much all of my adult life and feel respect is key and nothing else should matter. People make assumptions all the time, but like the author I dislike it when someone in a position of serving the public in whatever capacity makes an assumption based on their own perspective. However, we are all only human with our foibles and faults so I do try to give people a break – probably because I know I have guilty at times of some faux pas or other. (Hopefully not too often though.)

    1. I totally agree with you Carol. Upon us is a new generation. No more customer service with a smile. No more, is it that the customer is always right. And, no more are there any free grocery store bags. Gratuity is gone.💗💗☕️☕️

  2. I read the article and it made some good points – and like the editing with the warmness of the barista who would make her a coffee with unicorn cream / hahah
    But my problem is the author has microaggression of her own – she seems defensive and sense a critical spirit that might even have a chip on her shoulder – further – if and when coffee means this much – she should travel with her own grounds and mug. And get hot water – this is the day and age when we can’t depend on consistency And it likely has nothing to do with the color of her skin – she might be viewing from that lens more than others are

    1. Because coffee servicing is now a big, specialty business catering to fast-moving preferential sub-cultures and cultural mixes, any barista who gives poor customer service, I feel, is in the wrong line of business. I agree with you Prior, when coffee goes beyond the grounds of our expectation, we should make our own wake up drink. There are many types of instant coffees, creams, syrups and other flavorings.

    1. Thank you kindly for reading. I assumed that she, the customer had a slight run in with a barista. Afterwards, days or maybe even weeks later she anticipated another challenge, but the expected challenge never happened. In fact, she received really good service. Actually, this is a very analytical situation. Baristas and customers online might take note of this coffee psychology.🤔

    2. I see your take away completely – but I sensed a complaining spirit – even tho I do know baristas can be rude and sometimes ignorant –
      But I think you know this with all your coffee awareness (I watched a few of the AOC videos and learned a bit) but when we get in the know – we don’t slam down on folks not in the know
      And so of course folks won’t know what a real macchiato is. And this person likely needs to not coffee shop hop of annoyances are high.
      And making her own can be a huge perk for her
      ((And oat milk might sound good but oats are hard in the gut and cause inflammation)
      The idea that came to mind would be if Italians started bitching about American versions of pizza – they will find a lot to complain about – and same goes for the American coffee shop – she needs to change her expectations and watch the demandingness that is bite-like

    3. Yes – and I think the majority are awesome – and that is good news
      – and wishing you a great week ahead
      With lots of good coffee ☕️☕️and awesome music 🎶 I

    1. There were a few encounters that the coffee drinker had experienced with baristas but the old tradition should prevail m, “ the customer service is the backbone of a business”.💕☕️

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