Lady Gaga “Speechless”

The world has passed through a variety of music genres including the 1960s psychedelic expressions, the non Hip-Hop Disco-Electro sounds and the 1980s Punk trends, only to encounter another phase: music genre intercepts. Music is a retro receiver that bears various artistic resources to redefine styles on platforms that are trendy by design. Considering Lady Gaga’s fanciful stage presence and her remarkable talent, she is clearly an entertaining mold of retro refinement. AmericaOnCoffee

Musically, “Speechless” is a rock power ballad with influences of 1970s rock, blues rock, glam rock with a slight element of country music as well. The song’s musical style has drawn comparisons to David Bowie during the Ziggy Stardust era, Queen and Pink.

It consists of vocal harmonies and guitar riffs which, according to PopMatters, are comparable to the work of Freddie Mercury and Queen. “Speechless” was recorded at Record Plant Studios, Los Angeles, California with all live instruments, such as drums, guitars and bass with Gaga playing piano and she described the recording process as “that really organic, delicious feeling”.

“Speechless” is a song written and performed by American singer Lady Gaga, from her third EP, The Fame Monster. The song was written as a reminder for her younger fans to appreciate their parents.

Gaga explained in a November 2009 interview that her father, Joseph Germanotta, had a heart condition for approximately 15 years.

She stated that she hoped the song would inspire her younger fans to appreciate their parents. “I have a lot of fans who are really lovely, young, troubled fans, but I want to remind them that you only get one set of parents,” she said.. Source

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  1. They say that music goes in cycles. Why does this song have a Beatles feel? Specifically Paul McCartney and Wings. Nice piece—deep lyrics. Blessings and Peace.

    1. I do agree and hear music in other music all of the time. It’s kind of interesting how McCartney and the other Beatles went into their own distinctive sounds. Glad you enjoyed the Gaga reverberations! Loving Heavenly vibes to you Claudia! 🎼💗☕️💗🎼

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