Fast Coffee Grabs. Some are Unimaginable!

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Being a city blessed with phenomenal bakeries is hardly specific to London: think of Paris’ embarrassment of patisserie; the panoply of pan in Tokyo; pide and lahmacun on the streets of Istanbul; San Franciscan sourdough culture. These cities’ specialities are reflections of their culture and their communities: reflections brought here by immigration and established, in turn, as pillars of those communities in London.

It is this wonderful diversity married with exacting technique that makes London’s bakeries so special: a desire to innovate and excel in the context of fiercely proud traditions, with a mind to global inflections, and with the knowledge that something fresh from a warm oven is a peerless expression of hospitality.

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  1. LOL. I nearly fell over laughing. The pastries looks amazing. That old cat better be aware of that little old lady with the broom.

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