Living in a Tiny House Stinks (Sometimes)

I’m going to get real with you, and tell you why (sometimes) living in a Tiny House is terrible. In this video, I talk about the cons, in my pros and cons list, of living small.

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7 thoughts on “Living in a Tiny House Stinks (Sometimes)

  1. It’s a dream to retire in the middle of a farm and live in a tiny home… but I fear that it stays a dream because my husband has been hoarding non-essentials since he was single. I am not optimistic that he’d be willing to let them go…

    I do understand that it can be a struggle to live in a tiny house & I do empathize especially to those who did not choose it..

    1. Hi Janis! Thank you for stopping in an I do hope that you our having an awesome day. A tiny home is a great alternative to creative spacing, minimizing life’s extra and unnecessary conveniences. My suggestion to any tiny house homeowner who has a lot of collections, is to get a tiny house garage or storage. 💓🌺🍂🍮🍂🍮

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