En Vogue “Hold On”

After three decades, En Vogue still want you to free your mind — and the rest will follow.

On Wednesday night, the iconic girl group reunited at the Billboard Music Awards for an epic performance to celebrate their 30th anniversary. (They released their debut album, Born to Sing, in 1990.) R&B legends Rhona Bennett, Terry Ellis, and Cindy Herron took the stage to belt out their 1992 anthem “Free Your Mind,” and it was without a doubt the best performance of the night.

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2 thoughts on “En Vogue “Hold On”

  1. Music made since back in the day. Perhaps I’m somewhat nostalgic—but it’s as if there is a lot of quantity but not the quality…Maybe I just prefer the Old School because they put their time in and had raw talent. There’s a difference between being sultry and slutty. Old School performers not only had the talent but they also had the swag to go with it. And En Vogue most definitely had that Old School vibe. Sorry—just walking through the annals of time. Blessings and Peace.

    1. Hi Claudia! I agree. Our world and entertainment has changed and often just crazy in many ways. I thank God for the respectfulness that remains. Lovely girls, beautiful voices and style. So pleased to share this selection and to receive your feedback. Go Bless you Claudia! I hope your week is a pleasant one.

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