Coffee Jazz | A Smooth Morning Uplift

14 thoughts on “Coffee Jazz | A Smooth Morning Uplift

  1. It’s like we are walking the same path. I just recently watched this last week! Have a great rest of your week. Love Ya! Keep up the excellent work. Blessings and Peace.

    1. Hi Claudia! So happy to share tunes that you enjoy. Thank you for your kind words. Remember, we’re in the ‘Good News’ audiencing together! May God keep us inspired. Blessings, love and peace to you for an awesome new week! )))💗(((

  2. This is beyond beautiful. I am immediately touched with a rush of gorgeous words describe love, joy, aching, seeking and love. Thank you so much for this piece.
    This is a stand alone invitation to write something worthy of the music.
    Have an amazing day and thanks again for this piece my friend.
    Love and hugs

    1. Hi there Joni! You are so right in saying how music inspires creativity. And those inspirations come from all kinds of music genres. Also, Joni thank you for listening and for blending in with our morning jazzy uplift. The best coffee is coming your way carried by the aroma of musical notes! WE “Love” you to perks!☕️☕️☕️☕️🎼🎼🎼💗💗💗

      1. Wow this sounds like another winner. I am posting a poem today that I wrote two days ago. I thought your music was so inspirational. It actually brought tears to my eyes and the words just came listening to this amazing music you posted. The name was Sérénitude Auclair-Fortin. So big thanks to you for the lovely suggestion. I am excited to listen to many more of these. I got your coffee by the way, it was marvelous. Loving you to perks right back. 🙏💕❤️☕️☕️Joni

      2. Oh you are so welcome Joni! I know that artist so well. What a great message, feel and back up! So glad that you were inspired. Coffee and music are so medicinal, just as your sensational poetry! Happy Friday, new month and new season! Fall and Winter are cozy and exciting. XOXO 🌺Rest up! 💤 🛌🌙

      3. Thank you my friend. Love your post and learning about new artist is such a pleasure to me. I get so much inspiration from music. It does soothe the soul. I am cozying up for fall here in the south, looking forward to the cool weather that is beginning to happen my friend. Sending love and hugs to you always. xoxoxo Joni

      4. Hi Joni! Happy Saturday! Oh do we have a season of chill and elections but all will come out well with good music and lots of coffee to keep us busy! I’m not sure about COVID though. 😷🙏💗☕️☕️☕️☕️

      5. We will just have to focus on the blessings and all the good stuff my friend. Sending you Saturday morning wishes also and coffee, love and hugs. Have an amazing day. ❤️ love, Joni

      6. That is the love Joni! I believe the world will be experiencing big elation of spirit beyond coffee and music. AOC loves and knows it. Heavenly coffee is on its way! ☕️☕️☕️🎼🎼🎼☕️☕️☕️

      7. I agree my friend. I think you are so right. Enjoy your Sabbath my friend. 🤗💕❤️🙏Love Joni

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