Blood, Sweat & Tears “Spinning Wheel”

9 thoughts on “Blood, Sweat & Tears “Spinning Wheel”

  1. To me this is Chicago’s trademark. I was in the high school band and for half time we played Spinning Wheel for half-time—drove the crowd wild! Boy—you always remind me of the good ole days! Blessings and Peace.

    1. Hi DC! What an awesome grandma to have such an up-to-date record collection. Cheers to your new week and the best coffee to you dear friend!🍃☀️☕️☕️👌☀️🍃🎼

    1. LOL! Lew’s insignia, the variations of his works and musical sounds, are his gifts to us. Thank you for reflecting on Lew’s BST association and his absence.☕️💫☕️

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