Aretha Franklin ”The Weight”

17 thoughts on “Aretha Franklin ”The Weight”

  1. There is no doubt, she is definitely one of the greats. I love her work and will always consider her to be one of the best singers of all times. Thank you for this Saturday treat my friend. Sending you lots of hugs and much love. Joni – The coffee fairies are on their way but they told me last time I sent them you made them clean your house and your neighbors without any coffee – please give them coffee next time, those little sweeties will jump double time in that case. Love you guys, Joni

    1. Aretha will always be phenomenal! Thank you for listening and sending appreciative love in return. Tell those little fairies that I though I went pretty easy on them. Now when my uncle St Nick and his elves come to town, there will be such a mess! But that’s the holidays for ya! LOL! 💗💗☕️☕️🌷

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