Joey Quinones “Don’t Tell Me”

Joey Quinones brings doowop to an unforgettable place in time. And that place dwells in the minds and hearts of musicians, singers, music lovers and music historians on many levels of song coverings. (AOC)

Quiñones got the band together a few years ago. He spoke to Spectrum News 1 about the group at Mariachi Plaza in Boyle Heights.

Thee Sinseers’ genre of music combines the words soul and oldies. It’s also sometimes called lowrider oldies because of the music’s popularity within the lowrider music scene.

“It’s soul music in general and coming from East Los Angeles and being Chicano we just got into that category of Chicano oldies, so it’s really cool to carry that flag for the community and for our culture and for our music, most importantly,” said Quiñones.  

For Quiñones, it was his family who partially influenced his love of soul music. He grew up going to car shows with his father who has been in a car club since the 1970s.

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