Jimi Hendrix “The Woodstock Documentary 1969”

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  1. Awesome star spangled banner. What an amazing opportunity those people had to listen to some of the best musicians of all times. Can you imagine the people one could have potentially met there. Wow!! Great post my friend. Hope your having an awesome Monday. Love and blessings to you my friend. 💖🤗💕😘☕️☕️☕️love Joni

    1. I agree Joni! This was one historic moment indeed. Thanks so very much truly for stopping in and giving feedback! Cheers!☕️☕️

      1. Can you imagine being there. How crazy and wonderful it would have been. So many people there showing love for one another. I know you featured a Joni Mitchell video and it was her singing her song Woodstock. I never knew she was Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young the night before at one of their first ever performances until your post. I just love her music. Thanks for all the wonderful memories. Love ❤️ Joni 😘🤗💕☕️☕️☕️☕️

      2. Hi Joni! Thank you kindly for reading and giving feedback. Those were really amazing times and critical too. Some of those fun adventures led to great losses and degradations. Life in the fast lane for me is more fun to watch than to partake in. It is amazing dear friend how Mitchell and Crosby built their life-long relationship. I hope that you are having a enjoyable, easy week and may the best coffee inspire you !🎼💗💗☕️☕️🙏🎼

      3. Yes I am thank you my friend. I never lead life in the fast lane because I was afraid of ending up like my parents. I did love the beach but I was afraid of drugs and always wanted love. The best concert I ever went to was Tori Amos in Seattle. Her music moved me to tears.
        You are right everything can be overdone. I am having coffee with my dog this morning and hoping to be struck by inspiration. Yes, I need another cup of coffee.
        Love y’all 😘🤗☕️☕️☕️

      4. Those were real concert times. Actually I would say that thru the 1960s came the birth of rock and other concerts. I went to far too many concerts and all were wild! I lost many friends. Stay inspired and enjoy your coffee today! Woofing Cheers!🍃🎼☕️☕️

      5. I am sorry to hear that my friend. Seriously, when young we thought we were invincible.

        I am about to have my first cup now. You have a truly blessed and inspirational day. Love ❤️ and blessings coming your way. ❤️💕🙏☕️☕️☕️

      6. My husband calls it the age of valor! Hahaha! I loved Jimi and Janis Joplin and the whole lot of them that were just lost in time. Everybody went running to California, especially San Francisco. Oh do I know set one hippie stories from the east coast to the west coast.🤔

      7. I loved them both too my friend. Sending you and your sweetheart lots of love today. Love you sweetie. 🤗💕☕️☕️

      8. I see my like button is off again. I hope you received my long comment. They said the issue could be my VPN connection or something else. This is troubling. Please let me know if you did not receive my comment. Love and hugs 🤗☕️☕️😘Joni

      9. Me either. Things will get better dear Joni! The issues come and they go. I think we all wonder about the validity of them.😞

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