The Not Fully Awake Test

14 thoughts on “The Not Fully Awake Test

  1. Oh yes I did, but to be honest I cheated because my husband told me to turn the computer around until I find it, so very cleaver indeed. Sending you love this lovely afternoon here in NC. Have an amazing weekend, my friend. Love ya Joni

    1. Hi Joni your husband has a keen sense at resolving matters. I find the little illustrated man quite strange looking, wearing dated accessories that are not fashionable at all. He is a difficult subject to analyze at the morning’s start. Wishing you and your hubby a cozy blessed Sunday🌺🎼☕️☕️☕️☕️

    2. Thank you my friend. We are having a wonderful day. Hoping you and yours are as well. Yes, I agree, the man needs some serious consultation on his wardrobe. Sending you love and blessings. 🤗💕❤️💖☕️

    3. I agree my friend. That was a bit of a creepy picture but funny. You are the best. We all need to laugh. Sending you blessings today. Love ❤️ Joni 😘🤗💕☕️☕️

  2. Yes, I must admit I tried but I couldn’t do it. My husband figured it out and I just love cleaver puzzles like this. I am just not the best at solving them. So a couple of more cups of coffee. Have and amazing day. Love Joni xoxoxo

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