South African Coffee in a cone

South Africans have a snazzy new way of drinking coffee and it’s taking the world by storm. Serving coffee in a crunchy chocolate waffle cone has become a new fashion and it is gaining global popularity across social media platforms.

Coffee In A Cone is now a new worldwide trend at the moment that coffee lovers dream of. Dayne Levinrad, a barista in Johannesburg, is the mastermind behind the creation.

“I was traveling and consulting all over the world and wanting to create a product that could bring people through the door and play on childhood nostalgia, and obviously chocolate is one of those things that children go mad for. And then when you become an adult, you want to drink coffee to get you through the day. So we paired the two together and coffee in a cone was born. We pour the shot of coffee which is like a normal espresso. We then stretch the milk. We pour the espresso into the cone and then we pour the milk into the cone,” said Levinrad.

Coffee drinkers have about 15 minutes to drink the coffee before the four layers of chocolate and waffle melt.

Coffee In a Cone owes it success to social media platforms like Instagram, and its popularity has already reached other shores. According to Levinrad, the coffee concept has received over 50 million hits worldwide.

“When we exploded on the viral side of Instagram and became the world’s most Instagrammed coffee, we were approached by people in Hong Kong, which is selling really well there now, in Australia, Europe, UK, going to Colombia soon, we are going to Israel, the Middle East,” he said.

In South Africa, demand has been huge and other coffee shops are cashing in on the creation and attracting new customers.

“We want to be on the leading edge of coffee in South Africa and we love experimenting. We love doing different things and this is just another way to serve a drink. I think it’s a fantastic concept, fantastic idea. And it’s working really well for us,” said Neil Symon, owner of Foghound Coffee Company.

The creation makes coffee more delectable, delicious and interesting.

“I’m kind of hooked. I’m going to come every morning to this exact restaurant. I’m going to have it for breakfast,” said Shanon Anderson, a customer.

The allure of Coffee in A Cone also lies in the fact that it is one of the most frequently posted drinks on social media.

“It’s amazing to think that it’s the most Instagramable coffee in the world. And I mean something so small becoming so viral, so fast, is just fascinating,” said Chante Du Toit, another customer.

The trending tag is 100 percent home grown and proves that success is not only in the coffee beans — it has to have a hashtag and look as delicious as it tastes. Yt

42 thoughts on “South African Coffee in a cone

  1. At first I was trying to contemplate how I’d put it down.. would I need a cone holder? Then I remember.. this is Coffee… it’s staying in my hand until it’s gone more than likely. 😂 I’ve never heard of this amazing creation. thank you.

  2. Where to I sign up to try one of these. Wow, I can imagine that this is extremely popular. Yum Yum my friend. Have an exciting Saturday my friend, I hope we get those in the US soon. Love to you, Joni

    1. LOL! The marketers are bringing the idea to the Western world soon. I know that it will go over well. Yum yum no doubt! My Saturday was beginning to be exciting but then it melted away just as August and September. Strange! ⏰ 🙃 📆

    2. I am sorry to hear that my friend. I am sending you a circus with lots of tight rope walkers and horses. Tonight you will have a fairy circle with fairies telling tales and a special pray from me to bless you with a great day today as well as an amazing week coming up. Love you bunches. ❤️💕🤗☕️☕️😘

    1. I can only wonder. Hot coffee e we oils make my cone soagy but a creamy latte would workout better. The expert creators are now venturing on a promotional tour specifically for marketing their cone concept.

    1. This one is pretty unique. The closest I’ve come to coffee in a cone, was coffee ice cream in a cone. The South African coffee in a cone, appears as actual liquid coffee.🤔

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