All You Need is Snoopy & Coffee!

27 thoughts on “All You Need is Snoopy & Coffee!

        1. They’re all my favorites. Many of whom never made it to life-size cinema. And that’s a big plus because I love the liveliness of our individual imagination. I think our imaginations died when we became more dependent on how technology could aid us.

          1. Yeah, I think you’re right. I grew up in an age with little to no technology so mine is still on overdrive. LOL

          2. The same with me. Honestly, I am preferring no technology! The lack of manpower cuts through the human spirit and dissecting us into many superficial, artificial staggerings.

          3. True, but without technology I would not be able to interact with you and that would not be cool at all. …. pros and cons we have to live with I suppose. I hope you have a good week. And I hope your imagination kicks into overdrive :)

          4. Hi Carol! That’s much compared to America’s basic traditional family phone, the ringing and simply answering it.

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