Street Art With An Aim To Get Your Immediate Attention

Featured image: My Dog Sighs

Is there an association of past art phases that has impacted the worldwide expressions of street art? Being analytical spectators, we can better understand and appreciate the artistic street works.

Let’s look deeply at the resemblance of Beatnik Tattoos and Hippie Volkswagon and urban art. Doing so, we can see many solid primary colors that overlap into iconic shapes that have eccentric and contrasting ideas.

Any art critic, should be able to step away and consider the intricacies within the form, as well as all influential trends and popular mindsets.

Politics in lieu of these present times, are definitely big influencers on how people express themselves today on urban platforms. Many of these intellectual artistic expressions have become escapes, and protests within urbanized cultures that mural the anxieties of our world. BarefeetBaristasArePeerk’d!/AmericaOnCoffee (AOC) – all rights reserved

21 thoughts on “Street Art With An Aim To Get Your Immediate Attention

  1. I love the freedom of expression and feeling of making a strong statement. This is a great example. Oops time for coffee. Love ❤️ Joni 💕❤️🌺🌸

    1. Surely the lack of artistic expressions take me back to 1989’s Tiananmen Square what an oppression that led to a massacre of artists.

      1. The unnecessary loss of so many young lives. College students and their instructors gunned down with expanded bullets. A sad day in our world. 💕❤️ love Joni ☕️☕️🤗💕

          1. There has to be a new movement: “Street art with poetry”. How does that sound? You are an angel whose words keep painting comforting and motivating rainbows of love, truly! Thank you for the sweetest feedback on street art, Joni. May God keep inspiring us, dear friend, to inspire His Love. XOXO

          2. Amen, boy I like that idea it is a great one. Thank you for your very gracious and kind words they touch my heart. You are definitely on to something (street art with written poetry). Love it my friend. Stay safe and thank you for reaching out I know you work very hard. God bless you my sweet friend. Love ya Joni 🤗💕❤️☕️☕️

          3. I love the idea too. Two ideological messages, from two different artistic expressions. Street poetry will happen. Cheers! 💡💗👍👍

  2. I do have a keen attraction to street art. Down in Melbourne there are some alleyways that have been enhanced and brought to life somewhat with amazing art work. Here in Brisbane the street art is starting to appear, now spring is on the way I hope to get out about and see some of it.

    1. Australia seems to be a season + behind America. 🤔. Maybe you can share the street Art of Brisbane. I would expect the most unusual.

      1. I googled Street Art in Brisbane. There are numerous places to view. When the weather warms up I will plan a couple of day trips and try and get some photos to share 🙂.

        1. Oh my I prefer sightseeing when the weather is cool. What finds in creative artistry! There so many street art exhibits! and all over the world. They are all enchanting within different concepts and themes. Please do share… will await. I love Australia, it is so very interesting.💗🍃

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