“Escapades!” There Are No Limits To Imagination When Exploring Our World Of Coffees

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Every coffeehouse owner and manager with. it’s staff, operate their business engagement on the premise of catering to your time, taste and space for relaxation. Coffeehouses, whether a business chain, specialty propietorship. etc., each offer a unique hospitality.

Here’s a note to all coffee enthusiasts: Being aware of customers’ coffee needs for coffee moments is necessary an are comprised of solitude and great intimacy.

5 Unique Coffee Shops from Around the World

Coffee is not only a heavenly tasting liquid or a boost of energy. It’s a full experience when drunk in the perfect setting, a coffee shop. Time seems to move at a different pace in such a place. You are surrounded by people but they seem to disappear in the background. Everything from the lightning to the music seduces and makes you want to come back for more. We found 5 of the most inviting and unique coffee shops from around the world.

Modular cubic frames give a new dimension to this cafe (www.archdaily.com)

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The 23 Best-Designed Coffee Shops Around the World

By: Sarah Beaumont

(Above title) This box-like coffee shop’s bold exterior design might appear intimidating at a first glance

Unique Coffee Shop Inside A Giant Vintage Rolleiflex Camera…

A loved ones in South Korea constructed this remarkable model of a vintage Rolleiflex camera appropriate next to their household property, and they turned …

Why you have to see it: Imagine walking into a camera that is actually a coffee shop in picturesque South Korea… Yes, this is actually real. While there, you should order an iced Americano, because if you’re going to drink coffee from inside a camera, then you might as well sip on something iced, like a boss.

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10 thoughts on ““Escapades!” There Are No Limits To Imagination When Exploring Our World Of Coffees

  1. Bonjour mon Ami

    Rêve à des jours meilleurs , cela fait partie de notre vie

    Sourie , en pensant au bonheur

    Vie ces instants en écoutant parler ton cœur

    Ton ennuie s’effacera

    Ta vie reprendra des couleurs

    Dis toi que l’espoir ressemble à un fruit

    Si ce fruit est vert il n’a pas de saveur

    Ce fruit sera délicieux s’ il est mure , savoure le sur l’heure

    le Bonheur est à ce prix , pense à ces instants magiques

    Bonne journée ou soirée

    Bisous en toute Amitié


    Un petit bouquet de muguet qu’ il t’apporte bonheur au sein de ta demeure et partage le avec les tiens à l approche du 1 Mai


  2. When I first moved to the US I was a tea drinker. I was used to coffee being a huge disappointment, burned, stewed or instant. I can honestly say I’ve never had a good cup of coffee in England. Now.. tea is for when I’m sick and about to die of the plague only! ‘im indoors says I drink too much coffee. What heresy! There is NO SUCH THING as too much coffee! That’s the worst fake news of all!

    1. LOL! We can enjoy the best of both worlds. Herbs are miraculous with their healing qualities. Many of us enjoy coffee as an elixir or stimulant. Coffee. has been determined as a laxative, too -Wow-! Coffee is very popular amongst celebrities who *t for enemas. Coffee candy … I have always found to be delicious. Now the coffee flavor spills over into many recipes. I love %he many flavors and intensities of coffee. I am extremely in love with it too, for my morning aromatherapy. The AOC team are insane about coffee …(no one could imagine) some, more than others. Hope you’ve had an enjoyable week…and an enjoyable day.

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