The Disappearance of Ashley Martinez

EARLY LIFE: Ashley Renee Martinez was born on January 24, 1989. Growing up, she was a member of a tight-knit family, which also included an older …

The Disappearance of Ashley Martinez



  1. Bonjour mon Ami Amie


    Même si ce n’est que du virtuel

    Prenons un café ensemble et discutons d’un monde meilleur
    Où règne le bonheur

    Discutons de nos souhaits
    Qu’ils se réalisent

    Discutons d’avoir une grande maison
    ou tous ensemble , amis du monde , on se rassemblera chaque saison

    Rêvons d’une nouvelle société de paix
    Où chacun de nous aura son nid

    Rêvons d’un monde paisible
    Où l’on oubliera les soucis les plus pénibles

    Rêvons ensemble de ce futur
    Où l’on effacera le passé le plus dur

    Partageons d’un sourire éternel
    en survolant l’immense ciel ou la joie sera pure

    Tu vois mon ami , amies du monde
    je dépose un petit peu de bonheur dans le creux de ton cœur, te souhaiter ce qu’il y a de meilleur

    bonne fin de journée bisous Bernard

    1. Hi there s Bernard! Your sweetness and kindness always comes at the perfect moment. Thank you for your kind words which brings us together in a virtual coffee meet. I sincerely thank you for your words of love and encouragement. You have brightened and lifted up my day! 💕☕️💕🙏🥰🙏

    1. Even though I have not had this experience, I am too emotional knowing of it. How can people be so evil, I ask myself. Seeing evil daily, still this violation is one of the most hideous!

  2. Wow…..we have raised three daughters and thankfully nothing like this has happened to either them or any of their friends. All I can say is how horrific to have something like this happen to one of your children. So awful.

    1. My heart goes out to Natalee Holloway’s mom and many others. One of the missing boys, Michel or Steven stayner was found, returned home as a teen and died in a car accident. Broke my heart. Years ago I was set on campaigning for the missing by postering on cereal boxes and all things in schools and to the attention of children because children are alert about other children.

    1. True. I remember one family lost a son. I believe he was about 8 or 9 years of age. Many many years passed and there was no resolve. Then an unusual resolve surfaced. The boy had climbed on a neighbors roof and into the chimney where he became stuck and died. He was obviously a curious, wandering boy. Sad!😞

    1. Many many thanks for visiting, reading and commenting Michele. I am familiar with a few cases here and more from reads + One can never imagine the horror Iunless they’ve had a similar loss.😞🙏🙏🙏

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