“LET IT BE” …..SONG by the Beatles

29 thoughts on ““LET IT BE” …..SONG by the Beatles

    1. Hi Jacquie! I remember those days and those times. And I genuinely took the song’s message to heart, “let it be”! I am happy that I did! Have a beautifully inspired new week!

  1. Sorry the video isn’t working I really wanted to hear that song. But I wanted to weigh in on this discussion today. To leave something alone sometimes is the only answer. In the word it says, Be still and know that I am God. In light of our current world situations instead of people looting and shooting. They just need to be still and Let It Be. Because if God be for you then all the world can be against you but God will still win. Speaking words of wisdom Let It Be. Blessings and Peace.

    1. The video should be intact now. I understand what you are saying. Sometimes we have no other choice but to let it be. I know that God answers and does so however he wants. We need only to trust him to the essence of not knowing and being powerless.❤️❤️❤️

    1. You know somehow I do not believe that. For some strange reason I believe the attribute was changed because some people do not want to be religiously depicted. Many have accepted it as a Catholic song. If it were a song about his birth mother, the lyrics would have been understood if re-worded differently as “mom or my dear mom or mother”. Anyhow, those are my thoughts Val.

    2. I heard Paul say it in an interview. I always thought it was about the Virgin Mary also, but in the interview he said he was talking about his mother who had died when he was young. Check it out. He said it came to him in a dream.

    3. No Val I don’t believe. it to be a “now thing” of change, but something back then. My conjecture is again, he was /they were inspired to make the song and may be thought about religious repercussions and decided if asked he would make the attribute to his birth mom. We must keep in mind too, there were a few spiritual songs on the same accord that came from Lennon and Harrison. Actually, I believe they were quite Christian or spiritual.

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