9 thoughts on “The Brew Beckons

  1. Anytime I have to get up early before 6:00 am the coffee timer is set to start the coffee. I too, did not hear about the shootings. Thanks for the info. Have a truly blessed day my dear friend. Love 💕☕️Joni

    1. Morning cheers to you Joni! The shootings that ‘the lonely author’ mentioned I did not know of. I get bits and pieces from neighbors and family and the net. The actuality of things happening today can be much. In retrospective, it is a little bearable. It is definitely coffee time for me.

    2. You sound like me. I don’t watch the news. I check in on the net occasionally. Violence/domestic abuse/ and crime is up. Prayers are what we need. I am sending prayers your way my friend. Stay blessed and keep that upbeat, happy and resourceful stuff coming our way. It is a blessing these days. Love 💕 Joni 🍪☕️🧚🏻☕️

    3. You have a great weekend too my friend. I keep thinking about how much our dogs might enjoy a pool party. Gizzy and Esther send their love too. 🤗 ❤️💕🏊🏼‍♀️🦮🐩

    4. From what I perceive, dogs love all kinds of excitement. Did you see the smiles on those dog faces? They are the real party animals and a pool party would be perfect, no matter the pool size, indoor or out! Food (especially hotdogs), crowds, barking and talking.. hahaha! Love and a bunch of hugs to you all + Gizzy and Esther! ☕️☕️☕️☕️👍

    1. Same to you cf. Someone was just informing me of the massive shootings that occurred yesterday in Chicago and in NY. I do not watch or listen to the news directly, but we sure need to pray without stopping!🙏

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