Neil Young – Heart of Gold

I just had to share this one with you. Such a great song. I’ve spent my life searching for hearts of gold – found some too! I’ve been wanting to …

Neil Young – Heart of Gold

29 thoughts on “Neil Young – Heart of Gold

    1. Hi there Janet! Thank you for stopping in. Memories are made to share and, Neil’s music is remarkable. Neil has to be tops because his grooming comes from working with other notable musicians in the hey day of Rock! I love listening to him while sipping on my coffee! 🍃☕️💐☕️🍃 I hope that your week is being filled with more cherishing moments! ))💗((

    2. We always aim to capture the right mood, Janet with that perfect cup of coffee or tea!🥰💕🌺🍂☕️☕️

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