The Japanese Fruit Sandwich (Ichigo/Sando)

Image source: cookatTV (Facebook)

I love delicious pastries and a wide variety of them go well with coffee. When I first encountered the Japanese Fruit Sandwich, I became a bit perplexed. My first thoughts were, “Is this sandwich a pastry or is it a sandwich for lunch?

Then, slowly I took a bite from the soft, pink, pillowy breads, filled with luscious cream and fruit, and I realized that the Japanese fruit sandwich is definitely a pastry…. And, A PERFECT SOULMATE FOR THE TASTELESS COFFEE WANDERER. AmericaOnCoffee (AOC)

Learn more from this shared video!

21 thoughts on “The Japanese Fruit Sandwich (Ichigo/Sando)

  1. Loved the video – now I have a new Japanese word – ichigo =strawberry
    Very cool
    And thing this fruit sandwich would go great with strong black coffee

    1. I have not, myself made this one, but it does look good. Black Coffee partnering is a yes vote with me! Cheers Prior! Hope you have been keeping safe! 👍💕☕️☕️👍💕

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