”Pretty World Drum Cover” by 21mos old, Shia Wilson

Shia loves singing and playing drums to her favorite song, Pretty World by her Auntie, Sheléa Frazier. She’s 21 months old 🥰 If you needed an adorable start to your week. Here it is! #SpreadLove #WilsonWorld #WilsonFamily

41 thoughts on “”Pretty World Drum Cover” by 21mos old, Shia Wilson

    1. Yes, she is just darling., and in her way to becoming a superstar. Thank you, Michelle, for your visit and comment today. Thank you too for all of your informative shares! 💕👍💕

  1. I watched this the other day; she is too beautiful! And very talented!


    “The Duty Of A True Patriot Is To Protect His Country From It’s Government.” (Thomas Paine) “You are the govt’s boss, don’t let them forget it. Don’t play their game, play yours; resistance is mandatory!”

    1. LOL! Babies are now coming into the world , READY! I remember a mommy in a supermarket holding her baby and her baby was so delighted with me. I felt so befriended by this little baby angel.

    2. I believe that many of the skill happenings with newborns and toddlers are Heavenly. A lot of parents are putting their children into some of the outstanding early educational programs. Afterwards, they become computerized!😞

    3. Computerized? No computers have no real power over the brain. Am in the end without computers thru war, I hope the brains of our young will not fizzle ou.r.😞

    4. I agree, and it is a concern, but during the current situation, if it were not for virtual schooling, we would have no schools at all.
      I teach college, and many of my students are older and do not have full command of English. They are struggling with this computerized learning so much that my heart breaks for them. Younger students, though, get full benefit of their classes.

    5. That is very true about this generation having access to an amazing technology during these COVID times.. Technology on the other hand opens the doors to as much evil as good. I don’t mean to be negative but I am purely old fashioned and prayerful that the Good will win! Hope too that you are have a wonderful blessed day Dolly! Super Hugs yo sugar coat your day and week! 🌟💫❤️💫⭐️

    6. You are so right, darling! We are given all these amazing discoveries by Him, and He wants us to use them for good, but people turn around and use them for destruction.
      Sendings blessings your way!

    7. I suppose it comes with the territory. People culture, history and behaviors with the blend of your awesome recipes! Hope too Dolly that you are having a Happy Friday with all the fill-ins of love! Cheers! 🌺💕🌺

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