16 thoughts on “Napkin Shirt

  1. Haha 😂

    It’s such a normal habit.. especially when you are home…

    I guess these little childish habits stick with us more often than we want them to…

    It’s really a disgusting habit to continued into adulthood… napkin shirt

    1. Oh you are a day of good coffee and sunshine Joni. Smiles and laughter are the art and music of our souls, and I cannot imagine being without any of them. So glad that you enjoyed! And do visit the original author please. Have blessed and elated day dear Joni!🍃💐🙏💐🍃

    2. I have had a busy day Joni and I am experiencing technical problems. So if post responses duplicate or words come out coded or ridiculous, please ignore. 💐💗Cheers!

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